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Miniature Trasteritos Masterpiece's

Artist: Miriam Martinez 
Feature Product: Trastero & Trasterito

Welcome to today's Creative Bones ARTBLOG, where we are excited to introduce you to one of our favorite artists, Miriam Martinez! We are thrilled to showcase her incredible transformation of our trasteritos from blank canvases to stunning works of art.

Prepare to be amazed by the one and only Miriam Martinez, whose artistic talent knows no bounds! On one of her trasteros, she masterfully captures the beauty of nature by painting a stunning cactus with pink blooms, set against a serene blue sky. But Miriam doesn't stop there - to really tie the whole piece together, she painted the shelves in delightful shades of pink and green. The end result is a true work of art that is sure to brighten up any space!

But wait, their is more! Miriam draws inspiration from the beloved Mexican game of Loteria on her second trastero. Using a brown wash, she gives the piece an aged, vintage look. Then, she paints a sacred pink heart on top with the word "love" emblazoned across it. It's a playful and charming design that is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

So there you have it - two trasteritos that are as fun and delightful as they are beautiful. Miriam Martinez truly is a gifted artist, and we can't wait to see what other amazing pieces she creates next!

Instagram @MiriamMartinezArt

What colors do you enjoy using in your paintings?  I love vibrant colors because they remind me of México, from folk art to it's colorful buildings. I am also fond of monochromatic browns and reds. I love vintage toys, and I'm fascinated with old rustic things.

What is your favorite part about creating these trasteritos? My favorite part about creating this trasteritos is that I was able to reconnect to my childhood growing up in México. My mother had a blue trastero hanging up on her kitchen wall. I wanted to recreate it and add my own painting style to it. My daughter's loved how they came out!!

What has been your biggest inspiration or influence in your art? My biggest inspiration in my art has been my Mexican heritage.  I was born and raised in Mexico, and most of my work illustrates vignettes of memories, dreams, and experiences of my childhood. I grew up surrounded by the classic rótulos -hand painted Mexican signs, street vendors, colorful architecture, and beautiful traditions.

Thank you for joining us today on Creative Bones ARTBLOG! Today, we've had the pleasure of discovering the incredible artistry of Miriam Martinez. We want to express our gratitude to her for allowing us to get to know her and her artwork a little better. We hope you're feeling just as inspired and uplifted as we are! We'd love to hear your thoughts, so please don't hesitate to leave a comment below and share your favorite part of this post. 

You can find this trastero and other fun wood blanks here

What are miniature trasteros? Miniature Mexican trasteros are small, decorative cabinets that are traditionally hand-painted with bright colors and adorned with miniature items. They serve as both storage for small items and as a purely decorative piece, and are an important part of Mexican folk art.


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