CREATIVE BONES " Creativity lives in my bones"


We're on the hunt for art enthusiasts who love to transform our wooden blanks into beautiful works of art! We're seeking individuals who adore our products and are eager to share their creations on social media. If you're passionate about art and enjoy spreading the joy of creativity, we'd love to have you on our team as an ambassador.


BONES & COBWEBS specialize in wood blanks with empahsis on nichos (niches), retablos (altar pieces), and santuarios (shrines). At our creative small business in the heart of Compton, every piece we offer is an original design that is laser cut right here in Southern California! We take pride in being a small creative business, Latina-owned and love bringing our unique flair to the art scene. When you shop with us, you're not just getting a beautiful piece of art, you're supporting a diverse and passionate community of creators. Our customers are the core of everything we do. We love to inspire, challenge and encourage them to think outside the box.


  • You'll be part of our " Let's Stay Creative Challenge". During the year we love to surprise our Ambassadors & Affiliates with a mystery package where you trasform wood blanks in a work of art!
  • Your very own Personal Discount Code! Your name and email will be linked to the code of 20% off of entire store, so you can save big on all your favorite Bones & Cobwebs products. Just remember, this discount is for your personal use only - sharing it will result in dismissal from the program.
  • Exposure and recognition for your art on our social media channels and website, giving you a chance to gain more followers and showcase your work to a wider audience.
  • Earn a % of sales from customers referred to and purchase from Bones & Cobwebs.

  • Share your love for our brand at least once a week by mentioning us on your social media platforms. 
  • You’re willing to participate in "Let's Stay Creative Challenge.  You'll receive packages from us containing either new or featured items that we'd like you to promote. One exciting aspect is that you'll have just two weeks to turn the included item/s into a masterpiece of your own design! Show off your artistic talents and inspire others to get creative in your social media.
  • Don't forget to give us a shoutout on your social media whenever you showcase our products and use your affiliate coupon to spread the love!
  • Use ethical and honest promotional methods that do not misrepresent our brand or products.
  • Communicate with us regularly and provide feedback on how we can improve our affiliate program or if you have any other questions, we are happy to assist you. 


Any time you feature a BONES & COBWEBS item, mention and/or tag us in your photo @BONESANDCOBWEBS. By using the #CREATIVEBONES & #BONESANDCOBWEBS hashtag, you are giving BONES & COBWEBS permission to share your artwork on social media and credit your account as the creator of the art piece. 

Things to keep in mind when taking a product photo: lighting framing composition and don’t forget to play with camera angles. Photo should feature our product making it its main focus.


  • Take a picture or video of the unboxing process and share it on your social media while mentioning us in your post.
  • Post process photos of your work in your story to start engagement.
  • Always use your affiliated coupon to ecourange them to join our creative community.
  • Once you have completed the art piece, share it in all your social media.
  • Use our website link when engading with new or existing Bones & Cobwwebs customers who are using your affiliated coupon. 

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Let's spread positivity and love through our social media! As part of the program, we kindly ask that you refrain from posting any content that includes nudity, hate speech, bullying, or ethnic discrimination. We're all about spreading good vibes and any posts violating this will result in immediate dismissal from the program.

We're flexible, and we kindly ask that you feature our products on your social media feed at least once a week. And of course, keep in mind that the more you mention our product the more engagement and earnings you will receive if they use the affiliated coupon/link.  Let's show the world how amazing our products are!


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